Alumni Advising Board

Marc Caputo
Marc CaputoChapter Operations & Risk Mgmt. Advisor
ΓZ #1609 A#610
Recruiter for Nike, Inc.
I come from a leadership background within the University of Oregon, Gamma Zeta chapter, and Sigma Nu Headquarters. In an effort to give back to a fraternity that defined my collegiate experience, I currently oversee the chapter’s internal management. I act as a source of information and advice for many officers. My primary goal is to ensure that the chapter continues to operate smoothly and safely, while empowering actives to become their best selves. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon. In my free time I pursue hobbies in graphic design and print media.
Thomas Carrier
Thomas CarrierScholarship Advisor
ΓZ #1526
Jr. Market Support Specialist at Digimarc Corporation
I graduated from the Lundquist College of Business in 2012 and have been employed at Digimarc since May of 2013. Two days after graduation I was shipped off to Pendleton, OR for an engineering internship on the construction of a new hospital. Although I love construction, after the engineering internship, I decided to dust off my white collar and return to business as a Business Process Specialist at Digimarc in headquartered in Beaverton, OR. I am ambitious to get involved as an alumni and hope that this ambition trickles down for many Gamma Zeta generations to come.
Jere Dietz
Jere DietzFundraising Advisor
ΓZ #1599
Senior Incentive Analyst, Ecova
Joining Sigma Nu was easily the best decision I made in my college career. Along with the memories and friendships, this fraternity provided me with many invaluable life experiences that molded my character. Every since I joined, I have been passionate about this fraternity and its continued success. I held a couple positions throughout my time as an active member and also spent time on IFC working with recruitment and new members. This continued passion has led me to seek a role as an alumni advisor to give advice and guidance from my own involvement in hopes of providing the best possible experience for active members.
Bill Gibson
Bill GibsonPursuit of Excellence Advisor
ΓФ #807
Owner of The Christmas Cottage
As a student at the University of Montana I became involved with Sigma Nu’s anti hazing initiative. I was fortunate enough to intern for the Fraternity where I developed an understanding of the General Fraternity. I moved to Portland in 2009 and finished school at Portland State at the same time Gamma Zeta was re-chartering. Still wanting to be involved in the Fraternity, I asked to help with the Advisory Board for Gamma Zeta. Being an advisor is a great way to keep the commitment of being a life long Fraternity member. I am looking forward to watching Gamma Zeta continue to grow.
Tony Green
Tony GreenHousing Manager Advisor
ΓZ #1086
I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1991 after originally enrolling in 1977 with a B.S. in History and a Business Minor. I have lived in Eugene, OR permanently since 1989, and I retired in 2014. I enjoy spending time helping with our fraternity as the current President of the Alumni Association, in addition to spending time with my wife, daughter, and grandson. By the way, I’m expecting my grandson to be a Legacy in 2032.
Christopher Hernvall
Christopher HernvallMarshal Advisor
Kπ #493 / ΓZ #1565
Implementation Consultant - Lead, Fast Enterprises, LLC
I graduated from Oregon in 2012 with a major in Computer Science and minor in Business. After college I join Fast Enterprises doing government software development and implementation. This career has led me to live in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and now Washington working with the states Dept. of Licensing. My goal as an alumni adviser is to help ensure the future success of the chapter.
Will Townsend
Will TownsendPhilanthropy & Service Advisor
ΓZ #1511
Project Engineer, Apollo Mechanical Contractors
I am a Project Engineer for Apollo Mechanical Contractors for their operations at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon. I am also a Major in Oregon Army National Guard and serve as the Company Commander for A(-) 2-641 Aviation Regiment in Salem, Oregon Flying fixed and rotary wing aircraft. I live with my wife and three children in Beaverton and enjoy volunteering with American Hero Adventures and as an Alumni Advisor to the Gamma Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu at the University of Oregon where both my wife and I graduated with degrees in Business Admin/Marketing and Psychology. Go Ducks!
Charles Marr
Charles MarrAdvisor At-Large
ΔΗ #1731
After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I spent a summer working at Sigma Nu Headquarters. When I moved to Portland, Oregon for law school, I was looking for a way to stay involved with Sigma Nu. Luckily, I was invited to be an advisor to the Gamma Zeta Chapter. I have greatly enjoyed my involvement with the chapter and I am proud of what the chapter has become and the young men that have become members.
Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthyAdvisory Board Chairman & Alumni Relations Advisor
ΓZ #1370
Rockwell Automation
Being an Alumni Advisor is a great way to help members of the Fraternity take advantage of the leadership opportunities that Sigma Nu provides. I enjoy providing Undergraduate Members an outreach from the University into the greater Business and Alumni communities to further their own personal development.