Sigma Nu here at the UO is extremely involved on campus and in the surrounding community, and it’s starting to pay off.  As a chapter, we are receiving much appreciation for all the work we do to better ourselves and the people around us.  Below are just a few ways we like to stay involved:

On Campus:

Alternative Spring Break
Ambassadors Program
Clark Honors College Student Association
Club Sports
Dance Marathon
The Duck Store
Ducks After Dark
EMU Outdoor Program
Ford Alumni Center
The Holden Center
Interfraternity Executive Council
Intramural Sports
Jiu Jitsu Club
KWVA Campus Radio
Orientation Programs
Pit Crew
The Rec (Equipment Issuers)
Running Club
Study Abroad (Office of International Affairs)
University of Oregon College Democrats
University of Oregon College Republicans
UO Athletics (Men’s Basketball & Football)
UO Blood Drive
UO Catering
UO Glax
Warsaw Sports Business Club

Off Campus:

Alpine Spring’s Retirement Center
Boys and Girls Club
Eugene Marathon
Food for Lane County
Multiple Sclerosis Walk
Pre’s Classic
WOW Hall


We have been fortunate enough to receive quite a bit of recognition for our participation in our community.  Every Spring all the chapters on campus comes together to honor excellence.  At the 2013 Spring FSL Awards, Sigma Nu was nominated for and received more awards than any fraternity or sorority.  In addition to this success, there are many other ways brothers have made an impact here in Eugene.  The following list describes a few ways we have been rewarded for all our hard work:

FSL Community Awards:

Fraternity Man of the Year (2014)
Fraternity Man of the Year (2013)
Best Chapter President (2013)
Best Chapter Relations (2013)
Most Community Service (2013)
Outstanding New Member (2012)
Lifelong Connections Award (2012)
Effective Leadership Award (2012)
Responsible Citizenship Award (2012)
Values/Ethics Integration Award (2012)

Chapter Achievements:

Highest Participation, Kappa Dodgeball (2013)
Service Award, Dean of Students (2012)
Most Spirited, Greek Week (2012)
Outstanding Membership Development, Sigma Nu Headquarters (2012)
Best Fraternity on Campus, Daily Emerald Readers, (2012)
Runners Up, AnchorSplash (2012)
Intramural Soccer Champions (2010, 2011, 2012)
Greek Week Champions (2009)

Individual Achievements:

Fraternity Man of the Year (2014) – Marc Caputo
Fraternity Man of the Year (2013) – Joe Junor
Best Chapter President (2013) – Brandon Dawkins
Centurion Award, Dean of Students (2013) – Joe Junor
Athlete of the Year (2012) – David Paulson
Outstanding New Member (2012) – Kyle Broderick
Anchor Man (2012) – Andrew Harman
People’s Choice, Alpha Male (2012) – James Walton
Dagger Man (2012) – Evan Glick
Crescent Man (2011) – Andrew Harman
Dagger Man (2011) – Steven Boone
Mr. Dateable (2010) – Joseph Junor

Community Positions:

President, Duck Store Board of Directors (2014/2015) – Drew Haroldson
Vice President, Duck Store Board of Directors (2014/2015) – Mitch Lee
Treasurer, Duck Store Board of Directors (2014/2015) – Ryan Johnson
EMU Board of Directors (2014/2015) – Patrick Poggi
Student Orientation Staff (2014) – Kyle Broderick, Marc Caputo
IFC President (2013) – Joe Junor
IFC Vice President of Civic Engagement (2013) – Marc Caputo
IFC Chairs (2013) – James Walton
President, Duck Store Board of Directors (2013/2014) – Joe Junor
Student-At-Large, Duck Store Board of Directors (2013/2014) – Mitch Lee
Sophomore Position(s), Duck Store Board of Directors (2013/2014) – Ryan Johnson, Nicholas Salita
Freshman Position, Duck Store Board of Directors (2013/2014) – Drew Haroldson
Graduate Student Position, Duck Store Board of Directors (2013/2014) – Zach Everman (Alumni)
Student Ambassadors (2013/2014) – Jere Dietz
Student Orientation Staff (2013) – Marc Caputo, Jere Dietz
UO GLAX Manager (2013) – Sean Wong
IFC President (2012) – Jeff Rodgers
IFC Vice President of Recruitment and Accountability (2012) – Joe Junor
IFC Chairs (2012) – Marc Caputo, Jere Dietz, James Walton
Sophomore Position, Duck Store Board of Directors (2012/2013) – Joe Junor
Jurisprudence Committee Member, Sigma Nu Grand Chapter (2012) – Brandon Dawkins
Student Ambassadors (2012/2013) – Jere Dietz, Andrew Harman
Student Orientation Staff (2011) – Charlie Watson
Student Ambassadors (2011/2012) – Gawain Harman
President, Duck Store Board of Directors (2010/2011) – Robert Greene
Student Orientation Staff (2010) – Anthony Culver

House Boys:

Alpha Phi (2014) – Nick Salita
Chi Omega (2014) – Jacob Warkov
Pi Beta Phi (2013-2014) – Jack Bushnell
Tri Delta (2013-2014) – Jason Wanyoike
Alpha Phi (2012) – Anthony Culver
Tri Delta (2012) – Casey McLafferty


Time at the University of Oregon is only a small part of our lives, but that does not make it any less important.  We keep in touch with our alumni and thought it important to share where Sigma Nu took them.  Recent graduates since our rechartering have pursued graduate schools in esteemed programs at USC and UC Berkeley, officer training in the US Marines and National Guard, and worked for companies such as Red Bull, Google, PepsiCo etc.  David Paulson, a founding father, is currently a tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers.